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"Wine Information and Wine Talk"
This wine information website was born on July 13, 2009. Its objective is to find about wines of all varieties so that when you want to make a purchase you will know something about what is available. Many times I have wanted to purchase a wine either for myself or to enjoy with friends but as I looked at different wines I generally did not know anything about any of them other that some were red and some were white. My son on the other hand knew a lot about wines, so I would consult him or accompany him to a retailer so he could help me decide which wine I may want. Recently we had a discussion about how sometimes having an outside interest other that the day to day decisions of family life and work can be therapeutic and relaxing. I enjoy the challenge of  doing something new and he enjoys learning, so I started this website and along with him we hope to help you add to your enjoyment of collecting or drinking wine.
We hope this website will grow in viewers and guests. We would also like to encourage you to go the Wine Talk page comment about a wine you may enjoy. In the future we may have an ecommercestore where we may sell wine coolers and accessories. While our comments will remain unsolicited, we may recommend and accept selected advertisements. These will be selected with discretion and void of any type of hype or false advertising.
The website is a must for anyone interested in enjoying a good wine.   
We will also review wines by request, just go to Wine Talk and Make a request.  
We would also be interested in your comments or feedback.