Wine in a
"Wine Information and Wine Talk"
ACIDIC: or tart, sour. All wines contain some acids. Raw, young wines are more acidic than older ones. improperly balanced wines may taste sour because of a high acid content.
ALCOHOL: The affects run from the obvious to the not so obvious. Alcohol gives texture , flavor  and vinosity. It provides balance and a chemical and physical stability to wines. The primary alcohol is ehtanol but there are dozens of other higher alcohols, though in minute quantities, provide a multitude of flavors.
AROMA: The smell of a wine derived specifically from the grape variety, but may also evoke an aroma derived from other sources. (such as described in BOUQUET).
BALANCE: balance in wine consists of these constituents. Sugar, acids, tannins, alcohol. These are evident but do not mask one another. A young red wine will require time to display  all these elements because two characteristics mask the other flavor elements of the wine. These are tannic and acidic. 
BODY: This is influenced by the  alcoholic content and its components. Vintage, area, and  style will affect the body of the wine. Naturally red wine with good vintage will have more body.
BOUQUET: the aroma which is derived from the fermentation, aging, and other process changes independent of the grape variety used.
BREED: A quality resulting from the combination of site soil, grape type, and skill of the winemaker.
BRILLIANCE: Clarity without haziness.
BRIX: The measure of grape solids in a juice sample, normally during picking time. The great majority of these solids are sugars which are fermentable into alcohol. By measuring the brix at picking, it is possible to make an estimation of the final alcoholic content.
CHARACTER: Character lingers and allows appreciation to be experienced.
CORKED: A description for wines contaminated by a chemical compound produced by mold infecting the cork. The consequences of this contamination varies. Some wines simply loose expression of fruit. On the other extreme is a foul, musty, or dank aroma and flavor which makes the wine undrinkable.